Affirmative Action, A Closer Look

By Nathan William Fryzek

Racism and sexism is defined as treating one person better or worse than another due to their race/sex. Affirmative action is racist and sexist as shown in my previous paper, Ignorance at the Highest Level. This paper will focus on why the racist and sexist policies of affirmative action are misguided, and to show that racism and sexism is not common among employers.

Milton Friedman – “A myth is like an air mattress: there’s nothing in it, but it’s wonderfully comfortable, and deflation causes an uncomfortable jolt.”

Because of employer sexism, affirmative action is needed to even out wage disparities between men and women.

The male female wage gap as of 2012 was 23.5% (The Wall Street Journal). This statistic can be replicated by dividing the average overall female wage by the average overall male wage and subtracting the dividend from 100, this is problematic for a variety of reasons. First of all women tend to choose lower paying majors when going to college. Secondly women tend to take more time off from work than men when having kids. And thirdly, when women do work the same job as men they tend to still do more housework and childcare than their male counterparts.

When a child is sent home for being sick the mother usually picks up the child from school. When a child has a doctor’s or dentist appointment the mother usually brings the child. When a child has extracurricular activities such as soccer or baseball the mother usually brings the child. All of these factors make women less productive overall than men, and as any good economist knows, wages tend to equal productivity. The difference in wages between males and females has nothing to do with sexism, it has to do with different levels of productivity between men and women.

If we factor out different degree choices and occupations between men and women, we still get a 3% wage difference between men and women who have the same job (PayScale). This 3% difference can easily be explained by differences in housework, childcare, and time taken off from work.

There is no real wage gap between men and women due to employer sexism, the difference that exists is because of differences in productivity levels.
Because of employer sexism, women tend to get hired less for high level positions than men and affirmative action is needed to combat this (the glass ceiling).

Because of evolutionary biology men tend to be more extreme and adaptable than women, for in an ancient tribe if 90% of the men did something stupid and died the tribe would be back in large numbers after one generation of mating, while if 90% of the women were stupid for obvious biological reasons quick reproduction would not be possible. One place we see this in imprisonment, 91.4% of new incarcerations in the United States were for males. We also see this in the hiring of business executives as 14.2% of business executives of the 500 S. and P. companies are women (C.N.N. Money). Lastly we see this in I.Q. as men tend to be more extreme at either the low or high end of the I.Q. spectrum while women tend to be more in the middle (Breitbart News Network).

The lack of female business executives is not due to employer sexism, it is due to evolutionary biology.
Because of employer racism, affirmative action is needed to even out wage disparities between white and blacks.

The wage gap between black and white males as of 2010 is 25% (N.P.R.), this is partially due to the fact that 72.8% of four year degrees granted to males during 2010 went to whites while only 12.5% of degrees granted to males went to blacks (National Center for Education Statistics). Another explanation for the fact that blacks make lower salaries than men is because the black incarceration rate is nearly 6 times that of whites (N.A.A.C.P.) Customers are much less likely to trade with a business if the owner has convicted criminals working for him, lowering black productivity, and therefore wages.

There is no real wage gap between whites and blacks due to employer racism, and any quota system or preferential treatment of blacks in hiring practices is simply racism.

There are many different subjects in academia and it is impossible for anyone to completely research all of them, but as you increase the loudness of your speech your research to back it up should increase as well, and as president of a college sending emails to an entire student body your voice is very loud indeed.

Murray Rothbard – “It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.”
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