How I Became an Anarchist

“If it moves privatize it, if it doesn’t move privatize it, and since everything either moves or doesn’t move, privatize everything.” – Walter Block

I was a moderate liberal until the 2012 Presidential Election, everyone I knew was supporting Obama and since I had no clue who to support, I decided to do some research.

I started reading economics books and that converted me to a general free enterprise position. I still wanted to figure out who to support for president so I asked my dad which candidate supported free enterprise the most. I remember my dad telling me that Ron Paul was the biggest supporter of the free market out of all the candidates. My dad also told me about how he thought Ron Paul was crazy and how most of his supporters had been converted to Ron’s campaign by reading just a single one of his books. I didn’t read any of his books but I looked up the old debates with him in them and I was astonished.

I had watched a couple different debates when I realized that Ron was the only candidate who didn’t change his views to please the audience. When a hand raising question came up about who would favor a nuclear first strike on Iran Ron Paul was the only candidate to leave his hand down, that was what finally convinced me to fully support him.

Then, since I enjoyed reading about economics so much, I decided to start listening to/watching economics lectures on YouTube. I was watching lectures on YouTube when I came across the old television series Free to Choose by Milton Friedman. The series converted me from a general free enterpriser to a minimal government libertarian. I looked Milton up to try and contact him but alas he was dead. Then the next few economists I liked I looked up but they were all dead as well, except for one, Walter Block. I contacted him and started reading everything he recommend to me, the writings of Murray Rothbard along with the conversations me and Walter had converted me to libertarian anarchism.

We must have written hundreds of pages of email correspondence and Walter has become an academic mentor to me. I met Walter in person for the first time on a college scouting trip to Loyola New Orleans and things went great. He, along with the rest of the staff and students, convinced me to enroll in Loyola this fall and I can’t wait to attend one of Walter’s classes.


Ross Ulbricht


“I want to use economic theory as a means to abolish the use of coercion and aggression amongst mankind. Just as slavery has been abolished most everywhere, I believe violence, coercion and all forms of force by one person over another can come to an end.”

I have decided to start explaining the pictures I have at the top of my blog (used to have). I will try and go through each person one by one, I consider each one to be a hero of mine (I am missing Bernard von NotHaus for now).

The first person I want to talk about is Ross Ulbricht, it is believed that he started the infamous website Silk Road in the depths of the dark web as a buying and selling platform akin to eBay but for the transfer of illegal drugs using the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

I consider him a hero that has saved thousands of lives, for when purchasing drugs through Silk Road people were able to see and write reviews of drug dealers in order to avoid low quality, or risky drugs. Most of the people who die of illegal drugs die because of accidental overdose, with Silk Road it was easy to know the quantity and purity of the drugs you were buying.

Most of the people who get addicted to hard drugs such as heroin or cocaine get addicted through drug dealers who mix these substances with marijuana. Dealers do this in order to addict their customers and to make more money. With Silk Road this was greatly reduced, since doing this just once would make it impossible for you to sell marijuana since your reputation and reviews would be tarnished.

Imagine if tobacco companies started mixing cocaine into their cigarettes to addict people more easily, the companies would be sued to oblivion and they would quickly go out of business. If marijuana were to be legalized almost all instances of lacing marijuana with more addicting drugs would be eliminated overnight and the rate of new drug addiction would be greatly reduced.

Ross is currently serving a life sentence in prison, below is a picture of a letter i’m sending him, along with a copy of a documentary about him and a video by Reason Magazine featuring his mother.


Deep Web – Silk Road/Ross Ulbricht Documentary (2015)

A First Step

I’ve had chronic depression since I was 15 or 16. My therapist told me to journal about how i’m feeling in order to become more aware of my emotions, and to assist myself in controlling them.

I recently stopped taking the plethora of medications I was prescribed and replaced them with exercise including wallyball, walking, running, and most recently dirt biking through forests in the middle of rainstorms (i’m sure i’ll blog about that later).

Since making this change I feel a million times better, I have energy, I have positive and negative emotions instead of just feeling like a robot all the time, and for the first time in years I’ve actually developed a crush on a classmate (although i’m sure nothing will come of it).

In light of all of this, I’ve decided to make a blog, because why not! If I am acting weird around friend or family, now they will have a place to go to look for an explanation, and since my emotions have gotten better I actually feel like writing every once and a while.

I’m not a great writer, i’m good at writing research papers and economic articles, but besides that i’m painfully average. My grammmar might not be the best, and my spellin probably ain’t my strongest part, so deal with it. I have more important things to worry about.

I’m going to write about a little of everything, everything from presidential politics to heart breaking breakups. My thoughts will probably be scattered since they are scattered in my head right now, but i’m sure I will have periods of calm and relaxation where my thoughts and writing will be of a higher caliber.

I hope to talk about a lot on this blog, some will offend you and some will bore you, but just maybe some of it will interest you.



Burning my Draft Card

So my draft card came in the mail and I burnt it, I did it in a stupid way though. I was so angry when it came that I grabbed my bike, some matches, the envelope, and my iPhone and raced down to the park to set it ablaze. It was pouring out so it was the perfect time to do it and not risk burning down the park. I didn’t dress well enough so by the time I got home I think I had the beginnings of hypothermia, but i’m getting ahead of myself.

A soccer game that had been going on had been cancelled for obvious reasons and the two teams were hanging out under the parks pavilion, as I took my card out and set it on fire one of the kids said, “cool, fire!” and a half dozen or so other kids started getting excited. Then when I threw it on the ground, spat on it, and started biking away the entire area around me became silent. When I got home I grabbed a blanket from my bed and sat on the couch (not laying down in bed during the day helps fight depression) with my hands on my chest in order to warm them up.

Then, a few hours later I realized that in my fervor I forgot not only to film what occurred but also to retrieve the card which could contain personal information like my social security number. So I grabbed my bike again, went to the pavilion, make another little fire, and recorded it for ya’ll, and for myself in the future looking back.